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      Musician, Singer, and DJ       310-396-3366


Michael Cladis 310-396-3366 has everything you need to add energy, focus and FUN to your event.

Michael Loves:
Line Dancing
Rock and Roll
Swing and Disco
Playing Guitar and Singing for You

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Let me tell you about an interesting friend. His name is Julian Myers. 

Marilyn Monroe’s Publicist, 95-Year Old Julian Myers, Entering 13 Events

In Huntsman World Senior Track Event, Hopes to Set Three World Records Marilyn Monroe’s former publicity man, Julian Myers, 95, will compete in Huntsman World Senior Track Meet in St. George, Utah, October 7th, 8th, + 9th.  Julian, still in his profession in Hollywood, has won 49 medals in this world meet during the past seven years.  He also has raced in 25 marathons, including over the original Greek Marathon course and Tromso Norway, Hawaii, Venice, Alaska, 15 in Los Angeles, and New York City. He hopes to establish the world’s records in the Huntsman 800, 1500, and 3,000 meters, as no one 95-99 has previously entered these events during Huntsman’s 25-year history. About 10,000 men and women 50 and over participate in the various Hunstman competitive sports early every October.

 Julian will be wearing a T-shirt emblazoned, “HOPPER’S NIGHTHAWKS -90 Minutes and Nine Lives - THE MOVIE” to proclaim the Hollywood feature he is co-producing about Edward Hopper, the world-famous artist, his artist wife Josephine, and his globally-collected painting…and American Nazis in 1942.  The original Nighthawks is now on special exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City. Julian has been an active member of the American Academy of Motion Pictures for 57 years.

 Julian and his wife, Patsy, invented Amigo Day 9 years ago, “To counteract national, regional, religious and other prejudices. It is an international holiday, and has been on Voice of America three times: ‘Just greet anyone, anywhere, your way, any month’s first Sunday.’” For his 90th birthday, Julian marked Amigo Day by running 90 of the miles from San Diego to Los Angeles in 11 days. He and Patsy invited 390 of the closest friends to dinner at the 100-year old Phillipe’s Restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. They have started inviting 500 for his 100th birthday, which will include 100 miles from San Diego, finishing hopefully in the Los Angeles Marathon.


Julian is now co-authoring a quick and easy guide to social media, for publication late this fall. He is also seeking a financing partner for the six-day or longer shooting of “HOPPER’S NIGHTHAWKS” with its co-producer, Masters in Screenwriting Arlene Clendenin.


“Well, I’ll be competing in seven track events and six fields,” Julian discloses.

“Not easy, but compared to getting your movie made, it’s a cinch.”

He can be reached at 310-827-9089.

“But, I won’t be answering while running!”

Meanwhile, he advises all who are younger than he, “If your body will do it, add to your longevity by jogging for thirty minutes early every morning.”

Another longevity secret is teaching. He has been on the faculties of UCLA and Loyola Marymount University conducting his own course in Entertainment Public Relations for a combined total of 58 years.


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